Volkswagen Maintenance, Service, & Repair Information

VW Service Schedule Information and More

One of the perks to owning a Volkswagen is the trust in craftsmanship that helps your VW vehicle live longer than other makes; with the proper routine maintenance and care, your Volkswagen can enjoy a longer lifespan and better everyday performance.

Scheduled Maintenance

Your Volkswagen Maintenance Schedule will vary depending on the year and model of your VW; here are general maintenance guides by mileage that apply to most Volkswagen models (excluding the Routan). Please see our various articles to find the one that relates best to you:

  1. Volkswagen 5,000 Mile Service
  2. Volkswagen 10,000 Mile Service
  3. Volkswagen 20,000 Mile Service
  4. Volkswagen 30,000 Mile Service
  5. Volkswagen 40,000 Mile Service
  6. Volkswagen 50,000 Mile Service
  7. Volkswagen 60,000 Mile Service
  8. Volkswagen 70,000 Mile Service
  9. Volkswagen 80,000 Mile Service
  10. Volkswagen 90,000 Mile Service
  11. Volkswagen 100,000 Mile Service
  12. Volkswagen 110,000 Mile Service
  13. Volkswagen 120,000 Mile Service

Common Volkswagen Problems and Issues by Model

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VW Touareg

Other Resources

For information on an independent Volkswagen service shop near you, please see our directory.