Common Repairs on the 6th Generation VW Jetta

The Sixth Generation Volkswagen Jetta, known as the Jetta Mk6, was produced from 2011 to 2018 and continues the long tradition of affordability, dependability and performance that made the Jetta so popular across the globe. It aimed to offer accessible technology, including infotainment and safety features, along with a variety of engine choices. Unfortunately, these new VWs also have some common problems that owners continue to identify. Some of these include:

Faulty Door Locks: Some Mk6 Jetta owners have had issues with the door locks, in that they won’t automatically lock when the car is in motion. A door lock replacement is most likely needed and your trusted Volkswagen repair center can perform this for you.

Squeaky Dashboard: Several owners have complained of a squeak coming from behind the dashboard. It has a “plastic” sound, not like metal. Pinpointing the cause of the squeak is difficult, but the sound is unmistakable.

Front and Rear Suspension Noises: Some Jetta drivers have said they hear knocking noises coming from the front and rear of the vehicle, especially if they are driving on rough roads.

Door Rattles: In some Jetta’s there is a rattling which comes from the passenger side door. This is noticed in new and older vehicles, and most commonly happens when the car exceeds 65 mph.

If and when your VW Jetta starts to exhibit any of these issues, we suggest that you visit your nearby VW repair specialist. They will know how to diagnose and repair the problem, quickly and efficiently.

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