Common Repairs on the 6th Generation VW GTI

The Sixth Generation Volkswagen Golf GTI is a high-performance oriented model of the original Volkswagen Golf. This car began its production run in 2010 and will be manufactured through 2014, when it will be replaced by the seventh generation Golf GTI. These vehicle are sleek, sporty and fun to drive, but are known to have some design issues. Here are a few examples:

Rear Washer Nozzle Dripping or Leaking: GTI drivers have reported that they experience fluid leaking from the rear washer nozzle, even if the device has not been used. A Technical Service Bulletin has been issued for this problem.

Interior Rattling/Wind Noise: Other drivers complain that they have metallic rattling coming from the doors and rear hatch, usually when driving on uneven surfaces.

Weather Seal Issues/Leaking: Some GTI owners report issues with water leaks, especially around the doors and windows, which may lead to water damage or foggy interior windows while driving.

Clicking Clutch Noises: The clutch in several Volkswagen GTI’s has been found to make noises when pressed, even if the engine is not running at the time.

Water Leakage in Headlights: Headlamps have also been a source of headaches for some Volkswagen GTI owners. The moisture trapped in the headlamps leads to diminished performance.

A visit to your nearby Volkswagen service technician is the best way to quickly resolve any of these issues with your Volkswagen mk6 GTI. Their superior service and commitment to customer satisfaction will prove they are the best choice in caring for your vehicle.

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