Common Repairs on the 7th Generation VW Golf

The Seventh Generation Volkswagen Golf, or Golf Mk7, was manufactured from 2012 to 2020. It introduced an array of safety features and boasted enhanced connectivity through advanced infotainment systems. While the Mk7 Golf aimed to address issues from earlier generations, some common problems still exist, including the following:

Suspension Squeaking: Reports of front suspension squeaking have been known in the 7th generation Golf. Lubricating the front control arms will probably fix this issue, but you should check in with an experienced VW repair specialist.

Reverse Gear Engagement Problem: Some owners have noticed that they’re unable to engage reverse gear. It may be a mechanism out of alignment or something else. Take your 7th gen Golf to a qualified Volkswagen service center for diagnosis.

In-Cabin Leaks: Due to a cracked door speaker mounting bracket, owners have experienced water getting in to the cabin of their Mk7 Golf.

Turbocharge Problems: A rough, sluggish drive with an erratic idle might indicate a faulty turbo actuator valve.

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