B6 VW Passat Key Fob Problem

The Volkswagen Passat B6, 2005-2010, was noticeably different than its predecessor as even the platform had a longer wheelbase. This auto was well received by owners who love the Volkswagen experience as well as by many other drivers simply looking for an affordable yet sophisticated mid-sized vehicle. However, like any automobile, it is known for a few common issues, including key fob problems.

A key fob is the small remote control used to unlock or lock the vehicle. Some think it is an acronym, but the word fob is actually an English word.

Some drivers have reported that it can take multiple attempts to lock or unlock their doors. Alternately, the key fob might completely and consistently fail to operate the central locking system. This could happen in FOBs that are old or damaged, but the problem arises even in later models of the Passat.

An owner might attempt to fix this problem by changing the battery. If this doesn’t work, however, it could be time to consult an expert due to the somewhat complicated diagnostic process. For example, your VW may or may not throw a code when scanned. Even if you have the ability to scan your B6, the message still needs to be interpreted properly. Possible causes for such issues can range from wire and connector problems to the need for a new key. Alternately, your key may need to be recoded. Don’t wait until you are stranded somewhere.

The B6 is now outside of its carefree maintenance package. Fortunately, however, you can save money by working with an independent German import mechanic. Most likely, they will already be familiar with this common problem. Moreover, they will have the proper tools to work on your VW. Their knowledge of your specific auto will allow them to troubleshoot accurately and efficiently, getting you back on the road in no time.

Search for a local, independent Volkswagen repair shop with Volkswagen mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.