B6 VW Passat Injector Problems in 2.0 Diesels

The Volkswagen Passat B6 was manufactured from 2005-2010 and sold worldwide. This vehicle was well received by German import admirers in need of a large family car and was offered in three body styles, the sedan, wagon and coupe, which offered flexibility in choice. Unfortunately, as with any new model, this VW is known for a few common issues including injector problems in 2.0 diesels.

This is one of the more serious problems reported by B6 owners and unfortunately there are oftentimes no easily recognizable warning signs of this impending failure. Some drivers have complained of their Passat suddenly stopping on the highway. Sometimes the engine simply cuts out while sitting at a stop-light. When this happens, the car might display an engine fault message, but sometimes it does not. Regardless, oftentimes the owner is unable to restart their vehicle and needs to have it towed.

Some drivers have asked whether or not this might be a DIY project. Due to the high risks associated with improper service, we recommend consulting an expert. Moreover, because the issue is typically sudden, it is more cost effective to have the vehicle towed only once, straight to a German import garage.

Mileage does not seem to be a factor. Therefore, regardless of the car’s age, B6 2.0 diesel owners should proactively discuss potential injector failure issues with a nearby German auto shop. While VW does offer carefree maintenance, even the most recent B6, a 2010, is no longer within its coverage period. An independent VW specialist will offer an affordable yet expert option, helping you keep your family safe.

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