B6 VW Passat e-Brake Parking Failure

Among the changes from its predecessor, the Volkswagen Passat B6, manufactured from 2005-2010, features a transverse engine, which means the crankshaft is perpendicular car’s long axis, giving the front-wheel drive more power. This mid-sized car is sleek and sophisticated in appearance yet an ideal family automobile. Nevertheless, the B6 is known for a few common problems that, if neglected, can decrease an owner's enjoyment. One such issue is e-brake parking failure.

Some drivers have complained of trouble engaging the parking brake. Cold whether might make the problem worse. Sometimes the car displays an error message pinpointing the problem, but sometimes it does not. Owners complain that the parking brake problems are intermittent at first, then consistent.

This could be solved by resetting the computer, and we recommend visiting a local VW service garage to make the repair to be sure that it is done properly. Also, there could be other causes to this problem. In some cases, the brake system might need to be cleaned, the switch could be faulty, or the VM might have a faulty braking system.

Your best course of action is to consult a local Volkswagen repair specialist. Brakes are a safety feature and should be dealt with by an expert. More specifically, mechanics trained in German imports are likely to be familiar with these particular common problems. While the B6’s Volkswagen carefree maintenance package has run out, an independent service shop can provide affordable yet specialized service. They’ll understand your love for the ultimate VW experience and know that it is hindered by any concerns.

Search for a local, independent Volkswagen repair shop with Volkswagen mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.