B6 VW Passat Cam Follower Flaw

The Volkswagen B6 Passat, 2005-2010, was unveiled at the Geneva Motor show. Body styles included a 5-door wagon and a 4-door sedan. Many Volkswagen owners were excited about this new version and its changes, such as the longer wheelbase. However, this German automobile, like any new car, also became known for a few recalls and other such problems. One common malfunction is a cam follower flaw.

Some owners who have reported this problem complain of what feels like a fuel cut during acceleration. The car is sluggish and unresponsive. This sensation, however, can indicate a number of issues unrelated to the cam follower. For example, the coil packs and spark plugs might be faulty. The fuel pump might be failing or the oxygen sensors could be clogged or failing. In many cases though, this is due to the cam follower flaw which occurred in manufacturing and is part of a VW recall.

Drivers have attempted to fix this problem on their own. A car owner with some DIY experience may be able to check the cam for wear, tear or holes. Repairing this engine problem, however, requires special tools that, most likely, only a German import specialist will have. Furthermore, an unqualified mechanic can cause more harm than good.

Even if you own the most recent B6, manufactured in 2010, the VW carefree maintenance warranty has run out. However, the repair might still be covered under the recall. We recommend contacting your independent German auto repair specialist to find out for sure. They will be familiar with this issue and be able to troubleshoot your Volkswagen quickly and accurately.

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