B5 VW Passat Rattling Dashboard

Volkswagen’s takeover of Audi in 1964 allowed them to transfer Audi developed front-wheel drive technology to a whole new line of cars. The Passat was one of the first to benefit from this design change, and VW released her to wide critical acclaim in 1973. The Passat B5, distributed between 1996 and 2005, continued to uphold the Passat’s reputation with a new, totally independent front suspension system and improved exterior design. A not uncommon issue with the B5 is that a strange and irritating rattling and creaking noise emanates from the dashboard.

Contained behind the hard plastic dash are numerous other hard plastic pieces, all of them nestled together in the snuggest possible fashion to ensure that nothing falls out. During colder weather especially, all of this plastic shrinks a little bit, causing empty spaces between pieces. You may notice a creaking coming from the dash when you make turns or drive over uneven terrain. This is because the plastic inside the dash is all rubbing together. The creaking can also come from the place where the windshield and the dashboard connect.

Some people have found that by taking apart their entire dashboard console and shoving socks in between the pieces they can dramatically cut down on the amount of squeaking. This process involves many free hours and a very gentle hand as there are plenty of breakable objects stuffed behind the dashboard. There is also a significant risk of accidentally shattering the windshield if you over-pad the area.

Although not an emergency, a creaky or rattling dashboard is an easily solved nuisance. By scheduling your B5 for an appointment with a local VW repair technician you can wave farewell to any unwanted noise, making your commute just a little less aggravating.

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