B5 VW Passat Cabin Compartment Seal Leaking

The Passat B5 is a large family car produced by Volkswagen and based off of designs for the Audi Fox. VW began to manufacture the Passat in 1973, and they used the new front wheel drive and water-cooled engine technology acquired when they bought out Audi in the mid 1960s to place the Passat at the head of a new line of car designs. The B5, in production from 1996 to 2005, built on this innovative platform with its adoption of a completely independent front suspension system. Some B5 owners may experience leaking from the cabin filter compartment seal.

The cabin filter (also called the pollen filter) serves to remove all the small particles contained in the air circulating through the car. Every now and again—usually happening in tandem with an oil change—this filter needs to be replaced so that it stays in top condition. There is a tendency, however, for the filters to get reassembled incorrectly, and this can lead to water leaking into the glove box or over the passenger side floor.

This leaking water is the surest sign that a problem exists with the cabin filter. It could very well be that the seal around the cabin filter has been improperly refitted, leading to water leaking in from the outside. There is also a piece of weather stripping that should prevent any unnecessary moisture from entering the vehicle and forming puddles.

Fixing the cabin filter doesn’t need to be a nightmare. By taking your B5 to a licensed German auto repair specialist you can resolve this damp problem and ensure that your car will remain as dry as the day you brought it home.

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