6th Generation VW Jetta Front and Rear Suspension Noises

The Volkswagen Jetta has been a popular model for the German car maker for over three decades, and its latest version is the sixth-generation that was introduced in 2011. Roomier than the Golf, the Jetta is a reliable and affordable car that has generally proven a good purchase. As with all vehicles, however, maintenance problems do arise from time to time that require the attention of a trained mechanic. Some Jetta owners have reported hearing knocking noises coming from the front of their vehicles, especially when traveling on roads with rough surfaces. Since many of the roadways in the US can be described as rough, this can be a disconcerting issue that needs to be addressed for safety reasons as well as for the peace of mind of the driver.

Some drivers have experienced this dull knocking noise coming from the front end of the vehicle. Troubleshooting such potential problems as loose tires did not stop the problem, nor did having the front axle replaced. A noise like this could be a result of faulty suspension, worn shocks or a problem with the motor mounts or torque converter. Any suspension noise is cause for concern, however.

Poor roads and city streets filled with potholes can cause havoc on shock and struts. This problem may be due to driving over rough road conditions, Some Jetta drivers have reported that the noise sounds like a dull knocking sound, coming from either the right or left side of the front end and only occurs when traveling over bumps or rough road surfaces. This is definitely a problem that should be investigated by a trained Volkswagen repair specialist.

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