6th Generation VW GTI Weather Seal Issues

The Sixth Generation Volkswagen Golf GTI was manufactured for sale in the United States beginning in 2010. This current generation of VW mk6 GTI is slated to cease production in 2014, making way for the seventh generation Golf GTI. The Volkswagen Golf mk6 GTI features a smoother ride, greater interior space and greater fuel economy than the fifth generation GTI, coupled with a very reasonable price tag. Though its price may lead some to believe Volkswagen cut corners on style, it may surprise you that heated seats, Bluetooth and an eight speaker audio system come standard on the base model. But even with these upgrades, there are still weather seal issues which can lead to interior damage.

Any signs of water damage or leaks should be brought to the attention of your local Volkswagen service technician. Water can leak into the seals around the driver’s or passenger’s side doors and then become trapped due to the seal on the bottom side of the door. It obviously happens most often in the rain, but also in car washes, or when snow and ice are melting. If left unchecked, this issue may lead to the growth of mold around the seal on in the carpet near the door.

Less frequently, water leaks along the weather stripping on the outside of the windows is found to be the culprit. The small water pools inside the doors can lead to problems with overly foggy windows as the car warms up, which can be a serious hazard while trying to operate your vehicle. If you are experiencing either of these issues, it is important to have a German auto import expert investigate the problem. He or she will be able to determine the cause and find a solution quickly.

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