6th Generation VW GTI Interior Rattling/Wind Noise

The Sixth Generation Volkswagen Golf GTI is a compact car designed for high performance handling and increased fuel economy. Manufactured from 2010 until 2014, it features upgrades in steering, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency and noise reduction over the previous fifth generation Volkswagen Golf GTI.

The visual lines of the Volkswagen mk6 GTI are very similar to the fifth generation GTI, with only slight differences made to the obvious design. The side skirts have been reduced slightly, and the addition of a small diffuser and rear spoiler. As hard as Volkswagen has worked to make sure the GTI is virtually noise-free, some Volkswagen GTI owners have reported wind noise and rattling heard throughout the interior of the vehicle. If you are experiencing any unidentifiable noises in your vehicle, a trip to your local German auto import service expert would be well worth your time.

The noise issues seem to be separated into two camps – metallic type rattling and wind noise coming from the doors and window seals. The metallic rattling is most often reported either in the rear hatch door or around the pillars between the side doors. An adjustment made by your nearby VW service technician easily solves this issue.

The other issue is wind noise, which is most often caused by loose or damaged/worn out seals around the doors and windows. Happily, this is also an easy fix, which your local German auto import mechanic can quickly repair for you. They will work hard to ensure your visit exceeds expectations and return peace and quiet to your vehicle.

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