6th Generation VW Golf TDI Engine Stuttering

The Sixth Generation Volkswagen Golf (mk6) is a classic small family car manufactured from 2008-2013. They are marketed as a cleaner, more fuel efficient model than the Fifth Generation. Though there were many enhancements, there are also come common problems. One of those is that TDI engine stuttering.

The sixth generation Volkswagen Golf features two different engine designs: the Turbocharged Direct Injection diesel engine (TDI), and the Twin Stratified Injection engine (TSI). These fuel systems are more efficient in that the fuel sprays directly into the combustion chamber in the cylinder, allowing for lower emissions, while at the same time increasing horsepower at lower rpm’s.

The VW Golf has been praised by many owners for its smooth ride and superior handling. However, some Volkswagen Golf owners find that they experience stuttering in the engine with heavy acceleration. When the accelerator is pressed firmly, the engine does not respond right away and the vehicle seems to lose power. This is followed by a sudden burst of energy and, at times, a cloud of white smoke from the exhaust. They also may experience misfiring, or running rough when the engine is at idle. Any of these situations should prompt you to visit your local Volkswagen service technician.

Sputtering, hesitation or any of the aforementioned problems could be signs of a faulty ECT sensor. This sensor may either be non-functional or transmitting a bad signal. Your nearby VW repair specialist will be able to diagnose and solve the issue quickly with minimal impact to your time and pocketbook.

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