6th Generation VW Golf Misaligned Doors

The Sixth Generation Volkswagen Golf is a small family car manufactured from 2008-2013. Several enhancements were made to the exterior of the Fifth Generation Golf in producing the new design, including a wider grill and headlamps that mimic the Volkswagen Scirocco.

The body lines of the Sixth Generation Volkswagen Golf are also a visual improvement over the previous fifth generation. The addition of creases just under the windows all the way back give the vehicle a sleeker, more elegant look. The low-slung body design also increases the aerodynamics, improving the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

As with any new design, some unforeseen problems have cropped up for sixth generation Volkswagen Golf owners. An undesirable feature that may develop over time is misaligned doors, on either the driver or passenger side of the car. This may lead to difficulty closing the door, or obtaining a proper seal when the door is shut, which may cause wind noise or moisture leaks. This may be a result of regular wear and tear or it may be a symptom of a larger issue, especially since these vehicles are still relatively new to the road. Your local Volkswagen service repair expert can make the call.

Often, an adjustment to the striker plate will solve the problem. It is a quick and easy repair and can be performed by your German auto import specialist at your local Volkswagen service repair shop. Proper care and maintenance coupled with their knowledge and expertise will keep your car on the road for many miles to come.

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