6th Generation VW Golf Automatic DSG Gearbox Malfunction

Manufactured from 2008-2013, the Sixth Generation Volkswagen Golf is a small family car perfect for the economically and ecologically minded consumer. The Volkswagen Golf features a wide range of engine types and sizes, from the sporty, high horsepower GTI models to the more economical, eco-friendly TDI models. One common problem with this VW is an automatic DSG gearbox malfunction.

Though there is variation in the engine types offered for the Sixth Generation Volkswagen Golf, the Direct Shift Gearbox is common to all Volkswagen Golf models. The Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) is a dual clutch transmission that has performance and economic advantages over the traditional automatic transmission that includes faster shifting and great fuel economy.

In spite of these advantages, some Volkswagen Golf owners report jerky changes between gears and shuddering while the vehicle slows down from higher rates of speed. A loss of horsepower while driving can also occur. These issues is most commonly found in hot and humid climates or with heavy stop and go driving. Any of these problems should prompt the owner to take the vehicle to a German auto import specialist.

These symptoms have at times been found to be symptomatic of a faulty mechatronics unit in the DSG gearbox. Additionally, Volkswagen has issued a recall on all 7-speed transmissions installed in Golf models manufactured from June 2008 through September 2011. Volkswagen believes the synthetic oil used in the gearbox may contribute to electrical issues, which could also cause a loss of power. Your local Volkswagen service mechanic will be familiar with any repairs the recall outlines and also be able to diagnose any other contributing factors to these issues.

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