5th Generation VW Jetta Finicky Trunk Latch Sensor

Distributed in the United States for model years 2005-2010, the fifth-generation VW Jetta was noticeably different than the fourth generation in style and finish as well as in many other regards. The electrical system was totally redesigned, and the handling was vastly improved. The increased interior space was a bonus, but the roomy trunk was on of the features that received the most press. That noteworthy trunk however, came with some common problems, such as a finicky trunk latch sensor.

If a trunk latch sensor is malfunctioning, it can keep the trunk from opening or closing. Some owners have noted that they will have to slam the trunk several times before the latch engages and the trunk stays shut. After repeated slamming over the course of time, however, the latch will break altogether. The mechanisms within this device need to be sensitive in order to properly catch and release. Therefore, wear and tear as well as extreme weather conditions can begin to affect the integrity of the part. Oftentimes a complete replacement is necessary.

Fortunately, this isn’t an expensive fix. While some owners opt to change this part themselves, we recommend consulting your nearby VW repair shop to have the work done properly. A malfunctioning latch can prove distracting and dangerous and, of course, also endangers any contents stored within this rear compartment. Although your carefree package might have run out, an independent Volkswagen service specialist can provide an affordable and efficient solution. They’ll have you back on the road and enjoying your Jetta, including its spacious trunk, in no time.

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