5th Generation VW Golf Leaky Tail Lights and Door Seals

Volkswagen has been producing quality compact cars for decades. In the mid-1970s, VW began manufacturing and marketing the Golf model of compact automobile. Unlike its predecessor, the Beetle, the Golf featured front wheel drive and a front engine. The fifth generation Golf GTI hatchback is one of the most popular models yet. That's not to say that this vehicle doesn't have some occasional problems. Some GTI owners have complained of leaky tail lights and door seals.

For some Golf owners, when it rains or is damp outside, condensation will start to appear inside the tail light casing. In some extreme instances, rain water collects inside the tail light and begins leaking into the trunk. Some Golf owners have also experienced this same pooling of water inside the doors of their cars. This is no doubt caused by inadequate or faulty sealing. The sealing around the door and tail lights may need to be reinforced or the gaskets replaced.

If you own a Volkswagen Golf and have been experiencing problems with water getting into either the tail light or doors seals, you should contact your local Volkswagen service expert and get a recommendation on the proper course of action for repairs.

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