5th Generation VW Golf Noisy Valve Gear

German automaker, Volkswagen, have been making the hatchback Golf, across seven generations since 1974. The Golf takes its name, not from the Gulf Stream, as some have suggested, but for the sport of golf, due to its sporty 3-door and 5-door design. As much as Golf owners love their cars, especially the Mk5 series, there have been some reported problems with noisy valve gears. They complain of squeaks and squeals, especially when first starting up in the morning.

Many makes and models of automobiles experience noisy gear valves. It's actually quite normal and in many cases the noise will completely disappear over a short period of time. Sometimes this noise will be evident until the engine is properly lubricated. It just takes some time for the engine to “warm up.” The oil simply requires time to get to the hydraulic filters after which it is pumped out to the rest of the engine. Car owners living in colder climates may also experience these types of noises, especially when initially starting the vehicle after it has been sitting in the cold overnight.

If you are concerned about noises coming from the valve gears, you should take your car to a nearby German auto maintenance expert for their opinion. They may recommend an oil that contains lower viscosity during the colder times of the year. If the problem is more serious than that, they will be able to recommend the proper course of action for repairs. Ignoring the trouble could lead to further leaks which can damage other areas of the engine, and end up costing much more to repair in the future.

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