4th Generation VW Jetta Faulty Window Clamps & Regulators

In model year 1999, Volkswagen introduced the fourth-generation Jetta, which featured increased safety features, curvier sides to replace the sharp angles, and a greater output of power due to advancements in internal combustion engine technology. This generation of Jetta ended in model years 2005, but there are still many of these dependable vehicles on the road. Some of the common problems found in these Jettas include faulty widow clamps and regulators.

Within the Jetta door is a complicated array of plastic pulleys, cables and other small parts. Overtime these parts can break due to wear and tear, especially if doors are slammed often. However, even in vehicles that are maintained meticulously, sometimes these clamps and regulators fail. One common occurrence is that the window actually falls inside the door, and the owner can do nothing to get it to close again. This sad scenario is a classic for many 4th generation Jetta owners.

The fragile clamps and regulators will sometimes snap or drop the window due extreme weather or old age, and there’s no getting that window back in place without taking apart the entire door. Window regulators—the small motor in each door that raises and lowers the windows—also break on occasion to similar results.

Although kits do exist for a DIY repair, the difficulty of taking apart the door—combined with the risk of smashing the window—makes this job more suited to an independent Volkswagen maintenance garage’s skilled workers. Stay safe, stay smart, and let the professionals take care of the rest.

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