5th Generation VW GTI Noisy Valve Gear

The Volkswagen Golf has been a much loved compact car for many years. VW has had many different versions of this hot hatchback in production, but the Fifth Generation GTI has proven to be durable, affordable and pretty sporty to boot. While it is true that many VW owners love their GTI's, some have complained about a noisy valve gear in the engine.

The GTI has, what some would say, a noisy engine in general. This fact can sometimes make it difficult to hear other engine noises that may be signaling another problem within the engine. The problem with valve gears may be relatively easy to address. Engine noises are common with aging vehicles, but the unfortunate thing for some owners is that these noises start becoming evident despite the relatively low mileage on the VW. The noises sound like a high pitched chirp or screech, or a distinct metal on metal sound. This happens most often when down-shifting or there could be a few different reasons the valve gears are emitting noises. One possibility is a drop in oil pressure as the car idles, which could also be related to the type of oil, temperature and other variables. Wear and tear on the valve tips may also be the culprit, especially in vehicles that experience a lot of starting and stopping at higher speeds. It takes a professional eye to know for sure.

If you have a GTI and are experiencing noisy valve gears or a similar problem, it is recommended that you take your vehicle into a specialized German auto maintenance mechanic. Your mechanic can give you a proper diagnosis and provide you with solutions to fix the problem.

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