Common Repairs on the 3rd Generation VW Golf

The VW Golf is a classic hatchback that can be seen speeding down highways and boulevards the world over. The year 1993 was a benchmark for Golf, coming out with a spiffy new 3rd generation with a Turbocharged Direct Injection system and taking home the European Car of the Year award. Production on this model stopped in 2001, but not before it ushered Europe into an era of diesel engines and the world into a love affair with the Golf. Some of the more common problems Golf owners experience include:

Electrical Failures: Features like the central locking system, trip computer pane, sunroof, interior lights, and cigarette lighter keep failing.

Sunroof Track and Switch Issues: If the sunroof doesn’t move, or if it only twitches ineffectively when attempts are made to use it, then you likely have a problem with either the sunroof track or the sunroof switch.

Erratic Idling: If the car’s engine sputters and revs up and down at odd moments, and if you’ve noticed an increase in fuel consumption, there’s a good chance that your idle isn’t working properly. This usually points to a problem with the idle air control valve, although the spark plugs could also be at fault.

Faulty Ignition Switch: Sometimes the engine cranks without turning over, maybe it stalls while driving or idling, and the dash lights flick on and off without warning. These symptoms all point to a problem with the car’s ignition switch.

Malfunctioning Cruise Control: Losing the cruise control is one of the more frustrating malfunctions, and usually comes down to a faulty control module (i.e., the cruise control’s brain).

If your Golf exhibits signs such as these, the safest course of action is to take it to a nearby Volkswagen maintenance expert who can accurately identify and fix any and all issues. The longer you wait on the problem the worse it gets, so be sure and make an appointment soon.

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